Blue Skies and Illuminated Clouds

Blue Skies and a Glowing Cloud

I was sitting at Starbucks when the sun decided to hide behind this cloud. It illuminated the entire edge of the could and made the sky an almost unreal shade of blue. I was looking towards the west in this photo as it was taken late in the afternoon as the sun was getting ready to set.


  1. Kim says:

    Helen, What a wonderful effect! And I love the silhouette of the tree. Hope you had a relaxing time in Starbucks watching this sky show! Happy Sunday!

  2. denton says:

    Great blue sky. Especially given you are taking the photo facing the sun. I love the blues at twilight yet that time just prior to twilight is normally sort of washed out blue/gray sky. I’ll have to watch for the sun passing behind a cloud.

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