BIG Lightning

Big Lightning

It was everywhere … and it was scary. And the thunder was so booming it made things fall off shelves.


  1. GrannyJ says:

    babooshka — don’t worry about us western mountain folk — we’re just damned glad to get those monsoon rains. We’d be lost (and extra hot) without them! Love how that tree was backlit by the lightening.

  2. Curly says:

    I’d love to be lucky enough to catch the lightening!

    Great work on your blog today and a very appropriate picture.

    I’ve just racked up two years at South Shields Daily Photo and I hope to be passing here in two years time to compliment you again! Keep up the good work!
    Thanks to everyone who has passed by and left a comment or some encouragement, it makes it all worthwhile.

    from Curly at South Shields Daily Photo

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