For Andrea who requested to see pictures of the yummy cakes!


The chocolate raspberry blackout cake is filled with a chocolate raspberry mousse. The top is layered with a raspberry filling and on top of that a dollop of chocolate fudge with a piece of marbled chocolate and a fresh raspberry. The end of the cake is covered with chocolate sprinkles. The giant eclair is smothered with chocolate and filled with a vanilla custard creme!

To see what happens when you are in the vicinity of these two delights see Albuquerque Extra.


  1. Helen says:

    Yes Calories galore. But I only indulge on special occassions like birthdays and such. And it is so rich you can’t eat very much. But it is decadent!!

  2. mariemcc says:

    Oh, this is what I call diabetic coma cake, cuz that’s what I’d be in after I had some! (I’m not diabetic, just my twisted sense of humor!)

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