1. magnificent photo. Nuff said !

    Thanks for letting me know about the pop ups, they are opening on my site currently, which makes me think perhaps it’s related to your computer and it’s settings ? The only pics which should open a new full page are the photo friday shots posted on Saturdays, the rest simply open a larger copy of the image itself with no wording. Hope you don’t continue to have the problem, again thanks for telling me. John.

  2. Helen says:

    Zsolt, thank you!

    Sally and Kate, I took this photo at the zoo! The hardest part was focusing between the barrior. It is not a cage exactly as there is no cross bars. There is just vertical wires (at least that is what it looks like) and I played with the depth of field mostly! I also tried different lenses!

    Hi Lisi, I took this photo at the zoo! The ark was parked in Old Town!

    Annie, Yes, he was rather stern looking. I guiess being a Bald Eagle is serious business!

    Hi John, Thank you!

    Thank you, Carlos!

    Thank you all for visiting Albuquerque DP!

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