An Evil Mulberry Pollen Pod

An Evil Mulberry Pollen Pod

Amazing how it looks so innocent when it is actually trying to kill me.

Anyway, Mulberry season here starts like clockwork on April 1st and continues till the beginning of June with the allergy effects slowly dying off till the middle of June. This is when I start to feel somewhat human again. I can breath without having to use the nebulizer, the itchy burning eyes, throat and ears is finally over. The nose stops sneezing and feeling like I am breathing in flames! So, this year I went to the doctor, and for anyone who knows me… they know this is a HUGE thing! I am not too fond of doctors!

The doc gave me medication for the nebulizer and allergy symptoms! The FREAKING insurance company will not approve these prescriptions! They would rather me go to the emergency room to get the same exact medications given to me for 1500.00 … when they could have just paid 40.00 for the GD prescriptions in the first place. Now thats what I call Medical Management at it’s best! It’s also what I call STOOPID!!!!


  1. Jana says:

    Great photo! I hope you feel better. Those mulberries are evil! Growing up in Sacramento, they were EVERYWHERE! I think they were the tree of choice for homes built in the 60s and 70s. By the time the 80s and 90s rolled around, they were mature trees that tormented most of us with allergies. But mulberry trees are great for climbing and of course throwing the mulberries are each other is alot of fun.

  2. denton says:

    I hope you used a long lenses to take this photo such that you did not get too close to something which wants to kill you.
    We have similar evil pollen generators here as well. Although I suffering is not as sever as how you describe yours.

  3. Isabella says:

    I sympathize, Helen – both with your allergy suffering and the sorry state of Health Care in our country. Hope people will vote accordingly in November…

  4. Msjcats says:

    I just this year figured this was my problem too. Every year since I can remember I would get sick with bronchitis. I would end up on steroids and antibiotics for over two months. Last year was the worse. This year I started using my inhaler regularly and didn’t have to go to the doctors. Now I was miserable but at least I stayed away from the steroids. Last night was the first night I could sleep and it seems like I’m feeling better than I ever felt before. Probably cause I stayed away from drugs except my inhaler. Next year I think I try a nebulizer and hope my insurance pays … who knows anything is better than that awful cough and wheeze. Thanks for you post you helped with the last piece of the puzzle. What region do you live in? … I live in south-western Pa.

  5. v ding says:

    i use hydrogen peroxide on a q tip to wet my nostrils and ear canals and a hydrogen peroxide spray bottle to mist my neck and face area when i start to feel the itchiness. i also do this before bedtime after taking a shower to help through the night. havent had any problems since i started using H2O2 and yeah ill get a little congested but i blow it right out and dont stay plugged up. try it but remember to apply before you feel the symptoms

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