Albuquerque’s Blue Skies

Albuquerque's Blue Skies

We have sort of skipped right over spring here and jumped on into summer. It was almost 80 degrees today and we are going start opening the pool tomorrow. We are also going to attempt to remove all the goat heads (puncture vine) from the back yard. I have dogs with long hair and every now and then in the warm weather they tangle with a goat head plant that has popped up that I don’t know about yet and it takes the patience of the Pope to remove these obnoxious little stickers from the poor dog. It hurts them… it hurts me … they are just OBNOXIOUS (the goat heads not the dogs) and damn near impossible to kill.  Also, you have to be very careful not to step on these blasted things … its not an experience you will forget quickly.

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  1. GrannyJ says:

    Hah! when I was a kid down in Phoenix oh so many years ago, we walked around barefooted, taking much care to avoid the bull heads. I’d never heard them called goat heads!

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