Albuquerque Mural

Albuquerque Mural

All around downtown Albuqueque there are murals. Huge colorful murals.

This one is on 2nd and Central and I often try to figure out what it represents! I do not know who painted it!


  1. Aubrey says:

    ©2000 Rachel Eve Popowcer, et Al
    “Echoes of the Future”
    Second Street and Central Avenue NW
    In Albuquerque

    In 2000, Albuquerque Mayor Jim Baca’s Art Summer Institute commissioned mentor artists Kevin Zuckerman, Kathleen Sweeney, Rachel Popowcer, Mathew Lutz and 16 apprentices to paint the “Echoes of the Future” mural at Second Street and Central Avenue NW in downtown Albuquerque. Their two-story-high, one-half-block-long acrylic mural blends ideas from art history, several cultures and contemporary science in order to imagine beyond the present moment.


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