As The Sun Goes Down

As The Sun Goes Down

This feathery plant is gowing in my next door neighbors yard. As he sun was setting last night it started to sort of glow. I don’t know what the name of it is but it looks really pretty with the sunlight shining through it at sunset!


  1. It is decorative grass. I have several clumps of it as well as clumps of other grasses that have many different kinds of seed head plumes. This one is beautiful.

    If you have not seen a tomato horn worm lately, complete with cocoons of predator wasps aboard, then take a look if you have time.

  2. Judithk says:

    It looks much like pampas grass – a large, non-native ornamental clumping plant, but it is difficult to tell without seeing the rest of it or having much notion of scale.

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