Hidden Treasures

Old Town Patio Shops

Off the main streets of Old Town there are “hidden” or not so visible alleys that lead to patios, courtyards or other hidden treasures that are fun to find. Like the one in the photo … if you are not looking for it you are not likely to find it!


  1. Helen says:

    Thanks, Isabella.

    Hi Abraham. Midday in the sun here in the summer is very hot. If we have a monsoos season which is in July, it storms like a son of a gun and cools it off nicely so that late afternoon early evening is very comfortable. It’s not bad at all in the spring and fall. And yes, it is generally hot and dry except for the monsoon season.

    Yes, Lessie. Good shopping indeed.

    Dsole, it is a nice surprise. Just when you think you are finished shopping … you find anout store.

    Thank you all for visiting Albuquerque, DP.

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