Daily Photo Theme Day: Men at Work

Men at Work

These men were working to spiffy up Tingly Depot which is the train station at Tingly Beach for the Rio Line. The Rio Line runs between Tingly Beach, The Rio Grande Zoo, The Albuquerque Aquarium and The Botanical Garden!!

Click here for another view of the Rio Line train from a previous post!

_1. Greenville SC (USA)
_2. Hyde (UK)
_3. Tenerife (Spain)
_4. Albuquerque, NM (USA)
_5. Stayton, OR (USA)
_6. Rotterdam (Netherlands)
_7. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
_8. London (England)
_9. Richmond, VA (USA)
10. Sydney (Australia) [Sally]
11. Newcastle upon Tyne (England)
12. Evry (France)
13. Lubbock, TX (USA)
14. Szentes (Hungary)
15. Villigen (Switzerland)
16. Tel Aviv (Israel)
17. Twin Cities, MN (USA)
18. Jakarta (Indonesia)
19. Houston, TX (USA) [Candice & Megan]
20. Budapest (Hungary)
21. Singapore (Singapore) [Zannie]
22. Dubai (UAE)
23. Singapore (Singapore) [Keropokman]
24. Madrid (Spain) [Dsole]
25. Mazatlan (Mexico) [Kate]
26. Nelson (New Zealand)
27. Kyoto (Japan)
28. Tokyo (Japan)
29. Joplin, MO (USA)
30. Auckland (New Zealand)
31. Sequim, WA (USA)
32. Menton (France)33. Istanbul (Turkey)
38. Sydney (Australia) [Nathalie]
34. Sharon, CT (USA)
35. Seattle, WA (USA)
36. Anderson, SC (USA)
37. Monte Carlo, (Monaco)
38. Grenoble (France)
39. Guelph, ON (Canada)
40. New York City (USA) [Ming_the_Merciless]
41. Cebu (Philippines)
42. Bandung (Indonesia)
43. Antigua (Guatemala)
44. Hamburg (Germany)
45. London (UK) [Jonemo]
46. Hong Kong
47. Paris (France)
48. Stavanger (Norway)
49. Naples, Florida (USA)
50. Saarbrücken (Germany)
51. Shanghai (China)
52. Quito (Ecuador)
53. Zurich (Switzerland)
54. Joensuu ( Finland )
55. Aliso Viejo, CA (USA)
56. Cheltenham (England)
57. Brussels (Belgium)
58. Montreal (Canada)


  1. denton says:

    In my mind the image of a man with a shovel is the image of a man at work. It must be because I have dug a lot of holes in my life.

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