Daily Photo Theme Day: What Annoys You in Your City

Road Work

They are doing roadwork right outside my bedroom windows! Actually, they are doing roadwork all over the city. I am aware that it is a necessary evil but the machines, and there are about 6 of them at a time, crank up at about 7 AM every morning and they go until it gets dark. Even on the weekends! These machines have backup beepers and I am guessing they have to go backwards alot plus whatever they are dropping into the ground makes my house shake like we are having an earthquake! It has been going on since before Christmas and there is no end in sight!

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_1. Porto (Portugal)
_2. Stayton, OR (USA)
_3. Albuquerque, NM (USA)
_4. Tenerife (Spain)
_5. Greenville, SC (USA)
_6. Dubai (U.A.E.)
_7. Evry (France)
_8. Jakarta (Indonesia)
_9. London (UK)
10. Sequim, WA (USA)
11. Buenos Aires, (Argentina)
12. Seattle, WA (USA)
13. Minneapolis, MN (USA)
14. Stavanger (Norway)
15. Joplin, MO (USA)
16. Nelson (New Zealand)
17. Milano (Italy)
18. Singapore [KeropokMan] 19. La Antigua (Guatemala)
20. Nottingham (UK)
21. Singapore [Zannie] 22. Budapest (Hungary)
23. Not Strictly Seattle
24. Bandung (Indonesia)
25. Vantaa (Finland)
26. Hyde (UK)
27. Madrid (Spain) [Dsole] 28. Oulu (Finland)
29. Saarbrucken (Germany)
30. St. Paul, MN (USA) [Carol] 31. Sydney (Australia) [Sally] 32. Tokyo (Japan)
33. Kyoto (Japan)
34. Trujillo (Peru)
35. Shanghai (China)
36. Rotterdam (Netherlands)
37. Chicago, IL (USA)
38. Nice, (France)
39. Naples, Florida (USA)
40. Hong Kong
41. Santa Clara, CA (USA)
42. Quito (Ecuador)
43. Cottage Grove, MN (USA)
44. Paris, (France)
45. Brussels (Belgium)
46. Auckland (New Zealand)
47. Newcastle upon Tyne(England)
48. Houston, TX (USA)
49. Sydney (Australia) [Nathalie] 50. Mumbai (India)
51. Anderson, SC (USA)


  1. Kim says:

    Great minds think alike ;^). I’m wondering how many other CDP bloggers have this as their annoying point today. Great post!

  2. keropokman says:

    oh.. i know how you feel. i hate it when neighbours in my block is doing renovation. the noise drive me nuts.

    but there are laws here that prohibit the noisy part of the renovation be done on weekends and i think it is after 6 pm weekdays.

  3. denton says:

    Your explanation made me laugh … Construction noise if a pain. And that backup beeper is especially annoying. It’s like they want me to hear it and look to make sure I don’t get ran over (grin).

  4. Olivier says:

    cela ne doit pas etre en effet tres agreable, je comprends ton choix de theme

    that should not be indeed very pleasant, I include/understand your choice of topic

  5. lavenderlady says:

    Noise pollution can drive you to distraction…I was going to say “drink”, but thought that might be a bit much. I feel your pain…how much longer?

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