Icicles A Plenty

Icicles A Plenty

This is just a small portion of the icicles hanging off of my house! I have never in my life seen icicles like this and I used to live in the Northeast United States! Some of these icicles are over 5 feet tall! Amazing!


  1. Martha says:

    Houses in Alb. probably aren’t built to hold in the heat like those up north. Lots of icycles means heat loss (it makes the snow on the roof melt) that’s why some houses here have huge icycles and others don’t. (Right now, we don’t have any icycles because we don’t have any snow.)

  2. As a little kid I remember breaking icicles like this off our house and then sucking on them! Now I look at them on houses and think “ice dams and water damage…yikes”
    Your snow photos are wonderful!

  3. Natalie says:

    This could have been the side of my house… the west side as the east side all melted. They were incredibly long! I stood out on my patio the other day and the entire city sounded like a cacophony of drips. All day we’d drip and then freeze up at night only start the process all over again by noon the next day.
    This really was an incredible storm.
    Great photo!

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