Fancy Schmancy Window

Fancy Schmancy Window

I thought the folks who decorated this window did an awesome job. It was more seasonal than holiday and I just thought it was really pretty. It is located in Nob Hill on Central Avenue but I could not figure out the name of the store. I posted a photo of the store sign on Albuquerque Extra. If anyone can figure out the name from the sign I will send you a post card from Albuquerque!


  1. Isabella says:

    Hmm, that’s a tough one, but I’m always up for a challenge. Barkey’s fine new clothing?
    I’ll be back to find out how close Kate and I are;-))) Now I have to give my eyeballs some time to rest…

  2. Helen says:

    The name is actually Sparky’s Trading Co. If you both e-mail me your addresses I will be sending you a post card from Albuquerque. Since there was really no way to come up with the correct name it is the only fair thing to do!

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